1. Specifically, we want to invite arts and cultural organisations to submit projects that test digital propositions around audience reach/ engagement and new business models that are of interest to the arts and cultural sector.


    Digital Research & Development Fund for Arts and Culture, UK.

    Last year the Brits kicked off with a new fund for investigating intersections of digital media, arts and culture, and business. They’ve been working on encouraging and funding more media projects, at places like Happenstance, a technology residency for the arts. Our National Endowment for the Arts finished a report on new media and the arts back in 2010 and officially began funding digital media projects just a few years ago, but it seems to me that more needs to be done to encourage collaboration in the tech and art worlds. The interest is there, and it’s only going to keep growing as the digital landscape keeps shifting. We’ve got institutions like Eyebeam already, but we more cultural institutions—and not just ”art-tech” organizations—engaging with digital media on a daily basis. (Twitter accounts are a start, but we need to do better if we’re going to keep audiences engaged in the years to come.)  Billed as “Part happening, part hackathon,” I expect that the Art Hackathon this weekend in Brooklyn (from Makerbot, Art.sy, Etsy, and other movers and shakers in the art and tech worlds) will offer some pretty exciting experiments well worth a gander.  I plan on being there this Saturday to take it all in.  Will you?


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